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The Armory Youth Graduation

What a great graduation ceremony this past week!

Last Wednesday, The Armory had one of its largest graduation ceremonies in its 10 year history. Head Black Belt Marcelo Cohen hosted a great event that was highlighted by more than a dozen graduating students from our Jupiter facility, as well as the very first graduating students from our facility in Jensen Beach.

belt ceremony 3

First-time graduates were recognized for their efforts and ability to demonstrate the strong foundations that are required in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Our advanced students were also recognized for their continued success on the mat in the academy, as well as bringing home trophies and medals from tournaments


The Youth Program continues to be one of our most popular programs. The “Mat Rats” program has been fantastic in bringing our “very young ones”, ages 4 and 5, up to speed and prepare them to take part in the full BJJ classes at 5pm everyday.

belt ceremony 5

As Marcelo so eloquently discussed during the ceremony, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu isn’t just a sport or activity in itself. It builds character, confidence, helps with focus in school and provides our children with a real sense of self-respect and discipline.

We are so proud to have the most successful Youth Program in the Palm Beach area! Much thanks to our students and especially the parents that make it happen.


belt ceremony


Attention Members!

Updated Fitness and Instructor Schedule

As we move into the winter months it is time to kick up your fitness activities. We are excited to announce a few updates to the fitness schedule and team. Look for collaboration on the programs with our instructors and some super cool high tech tools coming right after the first of the year that will blow your mind.

The new schedule, starting on December 9th will be as follows:


Morning Classes

Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning classes will be taught by Gerrit.  He will be introducing some new fitness modalities and programs that will shock your body into its next stage of development.

Tuesday and Thursday morning classes will be led by Jason Bonnick. Jason is a Crossfit certified trainer and has taken some of the great Crossfit concepts and blended them into an intense resistance and cardio intense combination that should bring on quick improvements in your overall fitness.


Evening Classes

Gerrit will be leading the evening classes that will have a combination of interval training, cardio intensive, resistance training and core based movements that will simply make you stronger, faster and healthier.

Please check the online schedule and pickup an updated schedule at the front desk for class times.

Saporito Seminar at The Armory Training Center

Welcome to Perkville

Armory and T2U Members

Welcome to Perksville! This is a program that The Armory has put together for our members. It is a fun and easy way for our members to earn points and get STUFF! Everyone loves STUFF!

You will see the activities that earn you points and you can redeem those points for anything from Armory t-shirts, to Gi’s, to real money to spend at some of our local family-owned stores to support your fitness habits! Bikes, bike equipment, sneakers, running and swimming gear.

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6AM Brick Training…Ready to Build a Wall?

It was the 6am BRICK Workout this morning. Coach Rudy giving training advice to Joe Mullings who won the first morning Brick! 3 mile bike sprint, 1k run….3 mile bike sprint, 1k run…..4 mile bike sprint , 1 k run……great way to start your day!!

Every Wednesday at 6am and 8am. Get ready to be BRICKED!



Join The Armory / T2U Team and Commit to Being in the Best Shape of Your Life

T-2-U and Armory logos

Get ready for your first  Sprint Triathlon!  You will swim 3/8 of a mile, cycle 12 miles and run 3.1 miles.  We will get you to the finish line!

Here is the plan:

Armory/T2U will set up a training program for you. You will be coached in a team/group environment.  To do your best you need to learn the mechanics, the theories and the techniques of the Swim, Bike and Run.  The more educated the athlete, the greater the gains!

Vasa training

Swimming is the first activity of the triathlon.  Dry land training will help you understand the most efficient way to swim andtheprinciples that affect your ability to move more easily through the water.  We will focus on safety as well as finding ways to relieve any anxiety you may have about the swim.  We will schedule training sessions in the pool as well as the intracoastal and eventually the ocean.

triathlon training 1

Cycling is probably the least intimidating of the three sports and seems the easiest to master.  However, we want you to be both fast and efficient.  You will learn to cycle under the watchful eye of a coach and understand the basics of cadence, wattage, speed and pacing using our Computrainers.

There is a saying that the triathlon is “won in the run”.  The key is to do well in the swim and on the bike and still maintain enough energy to put forth a good solid run. T2U will show you how to manage your energy, and employ the correct techniques  to finish strong.

Nutrition is also a critical factor in any training program.  T2U will provide you with a solid nutrition plan in order for you to reach your goals. You will understand the role protein, carbohydrates, fats and supplements play in helping you achieve your personal goals.

All of these are included in your Armory Membership Program.  Commit to being healthy and happy

Commit to August!  Get your name and picture on “The Wall”

Here is What You Will Get:

  • Swimming Training
  • Cycling Training
  • Computrainer Sessions for your cycling development
  • Running Training
  • How to get through your transitions in the race
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Gear selection for the event
  • Scheduled pool sessions and open water session with a team
  • Scheduled group rides for cycling
  • Scheduled group runs
  • Seminars from some of the top triathletes in the area.
  • On course coaching for the Loggerhead eventMember Discount on cycling gear

Tri Something New for Your Fitness That’s Challenging, Fun and Part of a Team!!!

Train to participate in your first triathlon. If you are a member of The Armory Training Center, part of your membership includes training sessions for our Triathlon Training University (T2U). Starting in March, we will be offering training sessions, expert group instruction on how to swim, bike and run through your first triathlon. Use our CompuTrainers for your cycling efforts, VASA Trainers for swim development and we will have group swim sessions and group run sessions. Expand your fitness horizons!

The “Freshman” class of T2U ran the Club Med 2575 Spring Triathlon last week and the team brought home 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies. That’s a bonus. Just finishing your first triathlon will be an experience that you can’t understand until you do it!

The date is some time in August and as soon as it gets posted, we will let you know. You will have to sign up right away because this is one of the most popular Sprint Triathlons in the area. You will have a team helping you though!!

The Loggerhead Triathlon is one of the longest enduring triathlons in the state of Florida. Dating back to 1985, triathletes have made the trip to Jupiter year after year to enjoy the magnificent Oceanside setting, the family-friendly atmosphere, and the competition. Produced by the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce.

The event is held right in our backyard at Carlin Park. It is an approximately a 700 yard swim a 13 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. Perfect location and distance for your first triathlon!!

The nice thing is also that the event is right here in our backyard. So you can train on the actual course and be as comfortable as possible.

Look for the details of the program to be posted this week!

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