Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Jupiter, FL Program offers something for everyone. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training in Jupiter, FL is considered the most complete martial art and self-defense system. It is at the base of every professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter. You don’t have to be a professional fighter though to enjoy the fantastic benefits of the sport. We have students in their 60′s training and we have children as young as 4 years old training. The sport knows no boundaries.

Our Executive Program offers the sport with less of a heavy influence on thee sparring aspect of the sport, but burns hundreds of calories per hour and allows you to enjoy what is the most sophisticated martial art in the world. Sure, we have turned out dozens of champions. So if it is competition that you are looking for, you have come to the right place. Our competitive BJJ program can take you from a White Belt to a Black Belt and show you how to win each of your tournaments along the way.

Our children’s program is one that makes sure learning and discipline are at the top of the list. Our Youth Program teaches the fundamentals of BJJ Training in Jupiter, FL and disguises the program in a fun filled, competitive class where the kids get the greatest workout they ever had. A nice change from them being glued to a video screen at home!

Our instructors are world champions, have coached champions as well and are on the mat for every class, showing you the sport of BJJ and adapting the sport to your capabilities. That’s the beauty of BJJ. It works for everyone.


Your First Years

How to Avoid Arm Submissions

How to Decide Which BJJ Move to Learn

The Secret to "Impossible to Escape Submissions"

What You Must Learn First for BJJ Mastery

Why Can't I Hit My Submission?

Green Belt Series

Americana From Mount

Armbar From Mount

Choke From Mount

Escape From Mount

Escape From Side Control

Half Guard Pass

Kimura And Kimura Sweep From Guard

Lying Armbar Escape Hitch Hiker Escape

Mount Control

Rear Naked Choke

Scissor Sweep From Guard

Side Control Series 1 - 2 & 3

Transition To Back From Mount


Blue Belt Series

Anaconda Choke

Armbar Choke

Butterfly Sweep

Corkscrew Half Guard Pass

Deep Half-Guard Sweep I and II

Escape from Back Control

Flip Over Sweep

Foot Lock (Ankle)

Half Guard Sweep I

Half guard Sweep II and III

Half-Guard Break Baseball Slide

Kimura Attack from Half Guard

Kimura Attack from Side Control

Knee on Belly Control

Knee on Belly - Farside Armbar

Knee on Belly - Nearside Armbar

Knee on Belly Control - Breadcutter Choke

Spider Guard and Sweep I

Three Chokes from Close Guard

Three Point Sweep

Three Point Sweep Spider Guard

Transition from Triangle to Armbar

Transition from Triangle to Armbar II

Triangle Choke

Two Chokes from the Back


Purple Belt Series

Armbar - Hitchhiker

Armbar Defense

Clock Choke


Half Guard Pass Step Over - Hip Lockdown

Half Guard Sweep

Half Guard Sweep Backdoor

Half Guard Sweep- Backdoor Runaway

Knee Bar Attack from Guard

Knee Bar Attack Guard Pass

Omoplata Defense

Omoplata Defense (Version 2)

Omoplata Sweep - Hip Extension

Omoplata Sweep Roll

Pass Spider Guard Part I

Pass Spider Guard Part II

Passing Butterfly Variation Part I

Passing Butterfly Variation Part II

Triangle Defense

X Guard Position




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