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Youth Programs

Our Teens & Kids programs have been carefully put together to offer the most effective program to realistically allow a child to defend themselves, all while having fun in the process of learning it. There are many programs offered in the market today that claim to be self defense, but are more like choreographed dance class and glorified baby sitting. Our curriculum allows for its students to offer an appropriate range of responses in order to defend themselves, other than a kick or a punch.

Our program is based in the belief that having the skills to hold an attacker in place using various “holds” gives our students the ability and choice of not having to “hit back”….but instead offer better options. Sure, a kick or punch is always an option and we teach that, but it may not be the best. If all you have in your tool belt is a hammer….then everything looks like a nail.

Beside having fun and learning very valuable self defense skills, in this program kids learn about:

* Appropriateness of response
* Dealing with conflict and bullies
* Self esteem & respect
* Communications skills
* All important life skills





Youth Program FAQ

What type of training does The Academy offer?

We offer a mixed martial arts curriculum in our children and teens program. Students will train in Gi’s (uniforms) and No Gi depending on the lesson plan. Our philosophy is that the students receive a well-rounded practical program for self-defense. This includes teaching in standup (boxing and kicking), takedowns and grappling (ground self defense). A mixed martial arts curriculum is the only one that legitimately offers competency in all of these areas required for effective self-defense.

We also have a competition team. Students who are interested in competing in nationally ranked tournaments will receive instruction from our coaches. This competition team is by invite only. Please feel free to inquire if you have an interest.

What does Mixed Martial Arts mean?

When initially investigating the martial arts for their children, parents want their children enrolled in the martial arts for many reasons which depending on the age, primarily include, discipline, building self-esteem, and self-defense. Most, if not all martial arts schools deliver on the first two. I believe the question on this post basically concerns the last one. In our school, we teach our children and teens a mixed martial arts based program. “Mixed Martial Arts” is a program that takes the most effective and practical techniques from systems and style that have proven to be superior to others. While most other martial arts programs claim to be steeped in tradition and go back thousands of years, realistically they have been diluted of their original intent and effectiveness. This is due to the commercialization of what we call “McDojo’s” that in the last 20 years have popped up in strip malls and shopping centers. Jamming people into small storefronts and having the students stand in line punching and kicking into the air and learning a kata. These schools advertise “self defense training” and it is far from that.

Our program, which is a mixed martial arts program incorporates the best of boxing, Muay Thai (kicking, knees, striking), wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and grappling. These styles of training dominate in each of their respective ranges of fighting……which means self-defense.

What is different about your children and teens program than others?

1. Our school and program revolves around the students learning by having fun. Our drills and skills have been developed around games and contests. The action is high and the techniques work! Children learn about their world and explore it through play. They learn a sense of their bodies, balance, temperament and compassion through play. We are not one of those schools that require students to address the instructors as Sifu, Guru, or Sensei,…. in order to maintain the proper sense of respect in school. We believe that to be ridiculous. We agree that students should be quiet and respectful when you are teaching because they are there to learn and genuinely respect you, not because they have to refer to you by a title from a different language.

2. We get to know our students very well and want this to be a “club” and family environment. We need to know how to motivate your child and how to communicate with them. This is not done by having them stand in a line and count in some other language. The reason other schools do this is that it allows them to have too many kids and not enough instructors on the mat. Or if they do have “other instructors”, it is some teenagers that are also students of the school and have been designated as “instructors” which we think is insulting to you as a parent and a customer. Those types of schools believe that they must not associate with their students in an informal way or they will lose their respect for you.

Is the curriculum safe for my child?

The curriculum is very safe for your child. The attention to safety and the students well being always comes first. Martial arts training is a sport, just like baseball, soccer, football or basketball. Injuries will occur. Collisions will happen. Proper martial arts training includes contact. If it doesn’t, how can it possibly be called self-defense? We use the proper safety equipment, instructor supervision and rules in order to be sure your child is as safe as possible while learning a very real and practical self-defense system.