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Can You Afford Not To?

By Joe Mullings

On my commute into work every morning I like to listen to the business channels on satellite radio. I typically listen to Bloomberg Radio or CNBC if I want more “bullsh*t” chatter and listen to people talk over each other. For the past week as earning reviews have come out, my brain [...]

Nutrition Strategies For BJJ And MMA

From our friends of JiuJitsuMania,Check out a downloadable file from JiuJitsuManias Tom Deters as he shares his decades of experience with leading strategies and details on a winning nutrition program for todays BJJ and MMA Athletes. Watch Now!


Diet Strategy Energy on the Mat: Fueling Better Performance

(adapted from Module II: Diet Strategy, by Tom Deters DC)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, especially the version used in tournaments or in a cage, is one of the most intensely anaerobic sports there is. The metabolic stresses and stimuli created by an intense session on the mat is unique and, as a result, unusual biochemical situations [...]

What Can Glutamine Do For You?

By: Jose Antonio PhD

I wrote about glutamine way back when Bill Clinton was the President of the U.S. of A.1 Yep, while he and Monica were sharing the secrets of the old Cold War, I was slaving away trying to figure out what the heck glutamine could do for you! Back then, I held [...]

4 Peak Power Nutritional Supplements For More Powerful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

By David Barr CSCS, CISSN

NOTE TO READER: JiuJitsuMania is determined to bring you the best cutting edge performance information anywhere! That means that we will gather sources of information for the leading exercise and human performance experts, and steal whatever we can to apply to make us stronger, more powerful and give us more [...]