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The Muay Thai / Kickboxing test will be on Saturday, March 17th.

It’s exciting stuff,  as we will now have a ranking system in The Armory Kickboxing Program. A large number of students have been working diligently over the years  and now they will be
eligible to hold rank as decided by our 2 ranked Black Belts, Edson Barboza and Marlon Moraes.

The names of those who have been selected for testing are posted on the wall near the front door of the academy.

Please see Keith at the Front Desk to take care of test fees.

Now that we have a ranking system for our Muay Thai / Kickboxing program, all students who are taking the classes will be required to wear their Armory Shirts that will represent the rank of the individual holds. Passing the test, you will also receive a shirt to wear that represents your rank.

Additionally, since a large number of students take a few classes per week, we will be offering “ranked” t-shirts at our cost for those that want to buy extra.

Starting Monday, March 26, all Kickboxing Classes will require students to have a shirt that corresponds with their rank.

Best Wishes on the Test!!!


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